Alas! The words flow through my fingers as I take a stab at describing the life experiences I've had since my last blog post. As the summer becomes even more heightened and the light begins to shift, I can feel the surrounding terrain rich with late summer hues. They are invigorated by the rain this week and the extreme amount of sun during the month of July begin to finally fade. I find this month extremely profound, weather-wise and celestially speaking. Not a fan of air conditioning, the humidity and intensity of the weather makes this a challenging time in reaching daily goals. Before you know it Labor Day will be here! Personally, I can't wait for fall. Love the beach in the summer but working in the weather is indeed tough.

Life is a balance of  holding on and letting go- Rumi.  These words have become very indicative of my life this summer as I embark upon a brand new project which exercises my creative outlets and cultural challenges simultaneously. Our family outing to Japan in June allowed me to submerge myself into a beautiful foreign culture. When I was living in it, it was not obvious the impact that the trip had on my psyche and creative self. Experiencing the journey through the lives of the authentic Japanese people was eye and mind opening. The acute difference of the cultures spoke volumes. The photo above was taken outside our private room of Fuefukigawa Onsen( hot spring hotel) on the outskirts of Yamanashi prefecture, Japan. We were there celebrating Masayuki's family reunion. This was one of the most peaceful experiences during our time there. It was truly an overdue family gathering, including getting into the authentic garb, as seen on Aya, below.

Japan and Its Delicacies

The unique foods in Japan never ceased to amaze. Look at these! I can now say I've tried a sea urchin, but will admit not my favorite. The unique shapes have been painted, drawn, cast into jewelry you name it- but to see these creatures in their natural serving style habitat was indeed a very interesting site. Living in this culture temporarily- although 12 days there was long enough to really submerge into their culture and experience the differences of being there vs. here in the US. And of course, one can always count on a spectacular presentation when it comes to packaging in Japan. Always. I found this little array sitting in a train station and was in complete awe by the color combinations and the graphics.

Treasure Hunting at Brimfield

The beginning of the summer brought us back to Brimfield, Ma and their famous antique shows. We were there scouting for our new project in  New York City. Our eyes traveled all over the show with the desire to discover something amazing and inspiring. Only the discriminating eye can find beauty in something so raw such as the beautiful patina of this great pail.

One person's junk is another's glory. Turning this simple wooden pidgeon hole cube into something that holds the riches of merchandise in contrast to the raw wood brings beauty to the world. Life enriching! We've since oiled this wood  to bring out it's hidden lustre which will live in our space, housing fine porcelain or perhaps glassware - what ever the mood of the moment dictates for this new project we are working on in New York City.

Adventure in New York

The New York Sky line at the crack of dawn. View from my temporary dwelling. The energy at all times of day and night change based on the light and the clock. The never ending provocative view fills me with inspiring thoughts.

I've created a mantle/shrine overlooking the Hudson with celestial orbs that bring healing energy and inspiration, enabling the most difficult challenges to be processed with a sense of peace and tranquility. I find the spherical shapes so soothing!

Life's experiences are challenging enough, but in order to cope, we all have a variety of methods: relaxation, meditation, or yoga. All are effective tools enabling us to handle the most difficult times.  I find myself caught between the contrasts of all of that Manhattan energy and then the beautiful green grounds I live on back in a Boston suburb, which is another haven for me. Both environments feed my creative flow.

Catching my breath has allowed me to reflect on my summer travels, city living and country escapes. These experiences have played a vital role in honing my professional craft, from curating Majestic Filaturescollections at Bloomingdale's, designing and producing collections for Nymph Jewels, to my latest endeavor - planning and building a new business venture.

And now for the tease... I wanted to share with you our transformation process on this project we are involved in.  Take a sneak peak into the near future.  

Before :During:  

 Why green!? We have a history in using green- many variations in our previous retail establishments as well in our home. Green is the color of life and balance. It is the color of renewal, nature and energy. Other associated meanings of green fall in the categories of harmony, freshness, and the color of money. The healing power of green is understood to be the most restful and relaxing color for the human eye to view. Dark green represents ambition and wealth. Despite the intensity of this beautiful color, it will always represent peace. The color of the walls above are two different applications, ending with Salamander from Benjamin Moore. Green is not the new black. Green is not the new white. Green has always been my own personal neutral from which I can be free and devise nearly anything! I create with green colored gems: Emerald, Agate, Amazonite, Moss Aquamarine. Green gemstones promote emotional positivity. The color Green renews and restores depleted energy. Wearing it or living with it promotes a sanctuary away from daily stress.

In the image below, you will see an earthy shot of one of my newest pieces: earth and glamour all in one. The pave diamonds surround this bewildering teardrop agate druzy gemstone. It is a talisman of sorts. There is a little world in it.

In addition to this  harmonious piece, portraying the positive effects of green hues, other options are Peridot, and Emeralds as seen below.Joy Talisman Druzy Agate NecklaceAibrean Bracelets with Peridot + 18 k Gold Acccents Aarayna Green Rutilated Quartz, Emerald + Diamond Necklace

As I began expressing myself through this journey, I referred to nature and my travels. They have  propelled me into many things creative. The contrast of countries and their cultures,  the dichotomy of  New York City life and the countryside with lots of greenery in my environment, revs up my creative juices. The result is balance and harmony in my soul.I hope you enjoyed this journey, as it will lead up to an announcement in the very near future and all things on the horizon!

Until I see you again,

I am yours in joy,