As I reflect retrospectively on my earlier years, I face the truth of thinking I didn't want to become a mother. Then, something happened and I did.  What does becoming a mother really mean to you?  This magnificent role teaches us more about ourselves as we nurture the child. I also have a sense it's a role that is taken for granted by not only ourselves, but our loved ones as well. . You have no choice but to accept this "gift" of motherhood. Embrace it, I say!  Birthing a new-born is only the physical tip of the iceberg so to speak. What we learn about ourselves as women during the stages of our child's life offers a plethora of deeply seeded discoveries. Each growth stage simultaneous discoveries for both.   I clearly remember my Mom always saying :" little children little problems, big children bigger problems" and as usual, she was absolutely right about that!Being a mother is a selfless act of unconditional love. It's something which instinctively becomes instilled as we move ahead with this new life we have brought into the world. Being a mother builds inner confidence, perseverance and stamina. One's instincts kick-in in ways we never imagined possible.  I discovered so much within and still do despite my "new-born" now  being 27 years young. I am still learning so much about me as I am still leaned on for guidance and advice from my own baby. Yes, recipes are a part of it, but the fact that I lost my own Mother last August taught me additional internal strength and wisdom.  As a result of her death, I am more mature in some ways but also there is a sense of freedom as her life morphed into a "spirit in heaven".  This was a very enlightening experience. Everyday I awake with a singing heart and gratitude that she brought me up, as I am now doing with Aya. The cycles of life are truly amazing. 

Mother's Day is a day when all of the non-spoken respect and appreciation is out front and forward throughout the community. This demure holiday has a celebratory offering that we, as Moms, experience by being acknowledged, honored and celebrated.  The presentation of flowers, fancy foods, lots of brunches and whatever other forms of excitement for the day bring. The light-hearted day usually falling on or around the 12th of May each year, we can excitedly anticipate that there will be nothing expected of us other than to show up and continue our unconditional love for our families. It is such a peaceful day. It is a day of honor and respect. I am so pleased that I have this opportunity year after year. I miss my mother, but speak with her on a daily basis as she dances her way through heaven. You will not be forgotten, Mom! I am grateful for having had you in my life for 64 years and all of the newly developed wisdom that accompanied our relationship. The photo below was taken about 3 years ago. She passed away August 2017. Not quite a year ago. The remaining thoughts are still so tender.


May Glories

Mother's Day is the entire month of May (not really) but it is spring time and a reflection of the glorious birth of nature. The colors of spring are as innocent as a new-born baby. Soft pink hues bursting into light by way of various cherry blossoms, quince, magnolia and Forsythia shrubs. Celebrating new beginnings, and energy which will set us up for the remainder of the year. This is a good time to set intentions. Consider starting a journal. There is no time other than the present. You never know what lies ahead. Life is filled with unexpected surprises and as we know - April showers bring May flowers! 


As we celebrate the flowers and budding trees respectively, we can also embrace May's birthstone: emerald. This brilliant green stone is like the freshly grown grass. Emeralds are royalty. They evoke inspiration and infinite patience. They enhance  unity and unconditional love, as motherhood does. Emeralds are stones of abundance, growth, peace and harmony.  To read more about this majestic stone or to purchase this piece for you or your Mother I invite you to  visit:


Gift giving and jewelry giving for any occasion is an act of kindness, carefully chosen thought offering a nurturing spirit. Gemstones heal. They adorn. They are treats for the body, mind and soul. I have another treat for you. This one will knock you off your rocker! This is a new designer I've discovered. These pieces are made in Denmark.  Take a peek.  The stitched leather straps add a substantial element to these luscious gemstones. From top left, 16 different stones including, amethyst, druzy, mountain crystals are among the bountiful bevy of gems hugging the neck comfortably with a hand sculpted ebony closure.  The lower left is a single strand of a rutilated quartz chunk. Sitting at the solar plexus this becomes a talisman. On the right is a multi strand of leather, giving way to prenite, baroque pearls, black tourmaline and quartz. All of these create a magnificent statement and your mother would just be dazzled by having received one of these pieces. Please contact me for more information. The prices range from $360 - $1800 for the large gemstone collar. 


This spring, get inspired. Honor thy Mother whether here or in heaven. Honor yourself. Respect yourself and indulge in yourself. You live only once. Live your life to its full capacity! Gemstones really do help!Enjoy this month and everymonth in your life.

I hope to hear from you.

Yours in joy,