I'm back. I thought today's snow storm was incentive enough to say hello again. The strange quiet I woke to kept me under my linen sheets and covers until 9:15 am. Shocking. But when I listened for the hustle and bustle of life outside my windows, I heard a muffled stillness. There is a science to the serenity snow evokes. I am mesmerized by it. I could barely see outside my windows, and at this point in the day they are completely covered.  It's an obvious observation that there shall be more cocooning before the emerging of spring. 

When the fluffy stuff hits the ground, it acts as a natural sound absorber. As the  beautiful white flakes hit the ground, even though they are created from moisture, snow is porous. Typically porous fibers absorb sound. It generally can take several inches of snow for this to come into effect, and today’s download is no exception. At the moment we have received a gift of approximately 12″ thus far. Beyond the beauty and the abundance of the snow fall, comes the individual delicate flakes of snow.

Snowflakes are tiny miracles

I’ve done some research and discovered this Russian photographer, Alexey Kljatov. Below are a few  images of what he miraculously captured. Click herefor more information on his technique.I cringe when I listen to all the too often cries from Winter despisers – especially those living in New England. I somehow have grown to fall in love with the snow fall. You can not deny that it is magical. Mystical. Majestic. Calming, Soothing. Quieting. Meditative. Entertaining. Poetic. Romantic. Magnificent. Beautiful. There are so many words to describe the snow. I’d also like to remind you that snowflakes are miracles of science.



Click here to read more describing the personalities and different shapes of the flakes of snow. Check it out.I'd love to recommend that you utilize this feat of nature to your benefit and seek the beauty in it, dispelling anything negative about it. This is a great mental exercise which will actually fill your soul.

The influence of white in fashion and interiors

In the course of expressing myself in this blog post, I've realized where and why I went into the field of fashion. It's all about autumn and winter garb. Let's be real. How exciting do you think your closet would be void of cashmere, velvet, leather, suede, wool and even lace? Layering these fine fabrics - not only on the body but also putting them to use in interiors - is an enriching way to create a unique look in a room. I discovered the photos reflecting a combination of velvets applied to a hotel room in Paris. Granted, the velvet tones are what magnetically  got my attention, but without the thread of white in each room, the drama would not be quite as captivating. As white as the fallen snow with touches of greens from nature and bordeaux as rich as that of a fine glass of wine. 


And then of course, the designer added flamingo pink in combination of the greens and white as seen below. Just beautiful.

So as you can see... I love the snow and how inspiring it is. White, like color, can influence your moods and emotions. Using color is one way of self-expression. White color energy is associated with light and goodness. It symbolizes purity, virginity and innocence. White exudes cleanliness and purity. White has an uplifting effect and a positive connotation. White evokes the divine hence the colors angels wear. Upon resting your focus on anything white, be it a room or in this case the SNOWFALL, an immediate sense of calm and peace comes to you. White guards you from negativity, creating a shield like existence around your personal space. White is also a color exuding sophistication and elegance.  Wearing white will form a natural protection around your spirit and your soul. If you do not wish to wardrobe yourself in it, applying it to your skin such in the form of jewelry, is an effective way to keep your flow moving and your spirit soaring.  This represents an upward  movement and manifestation.

Adorn yourself in white...pearls

And here we have an instantly gratifying approach to adorn the healing and protective qualities the color white offers. 




The beauty of the creamy white pearl. For more, please visit my website Nymph Jewels.Until I write again, I hope you have enjoyed this adventure in white!Thank you for reading. 

As always, I welcome your comments.

Yours in joy,