CARLEIGH Coral Bicone, Green Tibetan Turquoise and 18k gold Necklace


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This richly hued 35" necklace is hand knotted and has a unique combination of gemstones. The deep red coral bicone shape is the main character here. The organic Tibetan turquoise round stones are 7mm. The accent color against the coral play well and the 18k gold spheres highlight both colors. A citrine faceted tear drop accentuates the entire combination.

Coral is the hard mineralized skeleton of marine animals, composed primarily of calcium carbonate. Associated with March ( Pisces) + May ( Taurus), and is ruled by Mars. Coral accelerates the transfer of knowlege, known to
reduce fear and combats panic and depression. This stone is also known for reducing stress, panic and nightmares. The Romans hung coral branches around the necks of their children for protection. Ancient Egyptians used coral in tombs for protection against evil in the afterworld.

Turquoise is the birthstone of December. It is usually referenced to be worn during summer months and can have a Bohemian style to it, but it is a wonderful color to invite into your wardrobe all seasons.
Turquoise is a protective stone. This beautiful gemstone promotes spiritual attunement and also enhances communication. Your intuition is also enhanced when wearing. Releasing inihibitions and prohibitions will allow more freedom of self expression. Turquoise is a purification stone, balancing and aligning the chakras in the body. It is a promoter of self realization assisting in problem solving.
Turquoise unites the earth and the sky, culminating male and female energies.
This stone also strengthens the immune system.

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