DESIREE Stunning Diamond and Yellow Sapphire Cross + Aquamarine Gemstones


Shipping to United States: $8.50

This magnificent stunner of a neck piece measures 16.5" in length. The stately cross is set in oxidized sterling silver. The stones are white diamonds and yellow sapphires. It is suspended from the diamond bale; and set on to the hand knotted aquamarine nuggets which vary in soothing watery tones of blues and pale greens. The large yellow sapphire in front center of the cross is wrapped with 18k gold wire. Three yellow sapphires are attached at the 18k gold hook, along with a tiny ruby for added accent color and energy.

Aquamarine is the March birthstone, and has long been associated with the seas.
The Romans believed the stones were sacred to the god Neptune and were washed up on shore as gifts. In the middle ages, aquamarine was thought to magically overcome the effects of poison. The aquablue tones calmed men at sea. They often carried aquamarine to ward off the enemy. This is a protective stone. Excellent to travel with this stone, or wear it.
The Throat Chakra is related to this stone- increasing the clarity of communication. Aquamarine is the stone of courage as it alleviates fears, anxiety and restlessness. It combats depression. The deeper the stone color, higher the value. Aquamarine sharpens intuition and opens the mind as it clears blocked communication.

Diamonds are the birthstone for April. They portray purity and bond relationships, bringing love and clarity into partnership. Diamonds have been the symbol of wealth for thousands of years, and are one of the stones of manifestation and attracting abundance. Diamond is also an energy amplifier. This stone clears emotional and mental pain, and reduces fear as it brings about or inspires new beginnings.

Sapphire is known as the wisdom stone. It focuses and calms the mind, releasing unwanted thoughts and mental tension. Bringing peace of mind and serenity, Sapphire aligns the physical, mental and spiritual planes, restoring balance within the body. Sapphire also releases depression and confusion as it stimulates concentration. It brings prosperity and attracts gifts. When worn on the neck, it will release frustration and facilitates self-expression, aiding the throat chakra to relax.

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