PARAMITA Freshwater Pearl Hand Knotted Necklace with Antique Sterling Silver Indian Charms


Paramita means Wisdom in the Indian language. Pearls exude comfort, nurturing and wisdom. These crisp white fresh water pearls have an alluring lustre. I combined them with vintage sterling silver charms which are spread through out the necklace in 3 places. They are slightly oxidized for more pronunciation against the pure pearls. The necklace is 16.5" in length. The sterling silver S hook securely fastens the pearls in the back and also has a chunk of Citrine for added warmth of sun energy. The knotting is hand done using a secure cord, which I chose in black for more contrast.

Pearl is the birthstone for June. They instill honesty, purity, wisdom and integrity and dignity. Pearls stimulate femininity and self acceptance. They are calming while lifting your inner spirit. Transformed over a long period of time, they transform they can alter an object of great value and beauty within. Pearls symbolize innocence and a pure heart. They inspire us to get intouch with the honesty and truth with in, and to appreciate the simple things in life; not to take for granted.

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