CALLIOPE Triple Strand Necklace of Opals with Gemstone Cluster Accent


Opal is traditionally the birthstone for October, however it also represents other signs of the zodiac including Cancer, Libra, Scorpio and Pisces. All with the exception of Libra are water element signs. It makes sense to me, especially when you gaze into each stone here. The mesmerizing "opalescent" effect depicts bodies of water of the sea!
This triple strand necklace measures 15" -18" overall, creating a bib effect lying gracefully along the neckline. The varying degrees of seagreen tones mixed with earthy tones of browns creates this wonderful effect. The necklace is handknotted using a dramatic contrasting dark cord. The hammered sterling silver S hooks creates another contrast to the earthy, watery opals where you will find a garnet,and ruby briollette sitting gleefully along the side of a sandalwood sphere. A mix of earth and glamour combined for balance.

Opals are emotional stones reflecting the mood of the wearer. They intensify emotions and release inhibitions. They encourage independence and freedom. Opals stimuates originality and creativity. You will find an ease in releasing anger and self expression. Opal strenghtens memory. They encourage interest in the arts. Wearing Opals bring loyalty, faithfulness and spontineity.

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