LOLA Double Strand Rosewood + Bone Wire Wrap with Vintage Silver Paisley Charms Necklace


Shipping to United States: $8.00

This ethnic piece is light in weight, but delivers a powerful statement as a double strand necklace. One strand is bone and the other is rosewood. Both wire wrapped using oxidized sterling silver vintage charms from Afganistan.
A sterling silver S hook serves itself in the back as the connection to the strands. Here, you'll see a piece of brilliant coral,sitting with a faceted citrine teardrop gemstone. In addition to the gemstones, lies a tiny vintage puffy circle charm.

Bone is an organic material, rather than a mineral. As with everything, it does have its own energies. Bone energies are of vitality, animal magnetism, and strength.

Wood holds many magical properties. It symbolizes development, evolution, adaptation and growth. Wood offers the natural grounding element from Earth. It is also known to calm, soothe and protect.

This unusual piece is is slightly ethnic with a twist of contemporary feel.

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