ANJALI Chryoprase Rondelles Handknotted Necklace


Shipping to United States: $8.50

This hand knotted beauty sits fluidly on the neckline. It is connected with a sterling silver S hook, and has a ruby teardrop accent at the clasp, adding color contrast, and additional energy. The length of this piece is 16.75", each stone measuring 6mm.

Chrysoprase is a stone of abundance, love and prosperity. It heals the inner child, releasing emotions locked since early childhood. This stone can mend a broken heart and heal relationships. This brilliant colored stone promotes joy and happiness, inviting the vibration of Divine Truth.
It stablizes emotions and can stave off depression. This stone promotes hope and gives personal insights, drawing out talent and stimulating creativity. Chrysoprase brings a sense of security and trust. This stone is a gemstone for the sacral and heart chakra. This stone is also known to be a stone of grace. Chrysoprase facitlitates self-expression, courage, hope and the ability to use them all wisely. it is a stone of balance. It can enhance and strengthen friendships. Such an enjoyable stone, with a high vibration.

Ruby- The ruby teardrop at the clasp is deep in color and adds a beautiful contrast to this hand knotted necklace. Ruby is the stone of passion, creativity, integrity, devotion, inspiration nd prosperity. It encourages passion and spice of life. It improves motivation, instills confidence and courge. Ruby is a joyous stone encouraging laughter and spontaneity.

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