PHOEBE Phantom Quartz Choker Collar Necklace


Shipping to United States: $9.00

This unique bib styled necklace hugs the neckline with grace and ease. The adjustable sterling silver links in the back enable one to lengthen it or pull it tight around the neckline.Overall extension measurement is 21".

These elongated Phantom Quartz stones are slightly faceted, and have varying degrees of natural markings within each stone. They also vary in hue, from pale light greens into deeper bottle green tones. The earthy markings that appear through out bring more natural beauty to this piece. These stones are connected using a very strong and attractive hand knotted effect. I've chosen a deep green cord to compliment the natural stones. This is a Green Chlorite Phantom Quartz stone necklace.

Phantom is a crystal or mineral deposit within a crystal. While the color of Phantoms will vary from crystal to crystal, depending upon the type of mineral of which they are made, Phantoms look like the “ghost” of a crystal within another crystal. Phantoms are formed when the growth of a crystal has been interrupted and then begins to grow again. Often, the original mineral gets washed away, leaving only the Quartz to grow afterwards.

You can use Phantoms to facilitate inner growth, and when in need of help in understanding and resolving past issues in your life. Meditating with Phantoms can help one uncover hidden information and repressed memories and bring them to the surface for final resolution and release. This type of self-work can often precipitate great transformation in one’s life.

While all Phantoms are facilitators for growth, Green Chlorite Phantom Crystals specifically work on self-healing and regeneration, and facilitate detoxification. They help to ground excessive emotions into the Earth, thereby helping the user in achieving a state of balance.

Green Chlorite Phantoms are great for helping one recognize the Earth as a living being, and connecting to Her on a soul-level. Many energy workers use Green Chlorite Phantom Crystals when doing global healing, as well as personal and individual healing. Green Chlorite helps to cleanse the aura and align the chakras, and this characteristic is amplified by the Quartz which houses it. (taken from the internet).

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