POE Tahitian Pearl Drop Earrings


Shipping to United States: $6.00

POE is the name in Tahitian for pearl. These voluptous spheres and their natural lustre are approximately 11mm in diameter. They swing gracefully from 18k gold earwires. The silvery overtones give way to a deeper hue depending on the light. The 18k gold earwires have a slight tear shape at the end adding more body and style to the appearance.
Since each pearl grows individually in their own shell, the colors will vary, and discovering a pair to calibrate can be very difficult. This pair is in harmony, and will bring great pleasure to the wearer. These are timeless classics.

Pearl Lore:
The ancient Greeks believed that pearls were raindrops that had fallen into an oyster. When Venus or Aphrodite, the goddess of love was born from the sea on an oystershell, drops of water that dripped of the goddess became pearls.
In the Tahitian legend, the Polynesian god of peace and fertility descended to earth on a rainbow and gave oysters to man as a gift. Once the oyster gave birth to a beautiful black pearl, the god offered it to their princess as a token of his love and affection.

Pearls are organic gemstones formed my shelled mollusks. Natural pearls such as this are very rare. Pearls were thought to be the perfectly and effective love potion. The power of the pearl; Romans wore pearls for the medicinal and protective qualities. Pearls represent purity, encouraging good health and wealth. They balance hormones, and are also considered to be a very nurturing gem.

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