d a v a Candle


This candle was created from my passion of the senses.
I played around with special oils I fell in love with from France, Italy and India. As I experimented with them, I realized that the combination resonated with my ryhthm, my chemistry and DNA. It consequently has become and is known as my signature scent.
Yes,rather personal, I must admit, however, having been approached and followed by all humans, my thought was to bottle it. In reality, creating the candle was more fun, quicker and quite frankly, more affordable.

" Hints of sandalwood, exotic spice and fresh air collide to ceate a rich and earthy fragrance conjuring a sensual and meditative state of mind."

Pure soy base candle, cotton wick, 60 hour burn time, natural dyed pigment wax,
2 piece black box houses the frosted glass candle. Rumi poem included in each box, tied with black cord.

As the wax burns, feel free to finger dab into the heated wax carefully, and tap on your skin as a balm, to allow the scent to contact the skin.

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