DESIREE Beaded Ruby Necklace with Diamond Sphere Pendant


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This ruby + diamond combination is an easy to piece to incorporate into your life with other necklaces as a layering look, or on its own- solo. The rubies are faceted depicting the glistening of a diamond. The pave diamond sphere is 10mm, sitting centered on the 16.5" necklace. The sterling silver S hook allows an easy secure connection with a rich tourmaline accent at the clasp for additional color.

The Romans and Greeks ascribed to the Ruby power of energy emitting light into darkness. Ruby encourages passion for life, yet never in a self destructive way. This stone improves motivation and enourages the setting of realistic goals. The heart chakra is ruled by Ruby, opening and stimulating it. Ruby also balances the heart. This stone is known to inspire you to follow your bliss. It promotes positive dreams and clear visualization. Ruby is a stone of abundance bringing about a positive and courageous state of mind. This amazing stone has the ability to to sharpen the mind and heighten awareness. It will also conjure up passion and as it fires enthusiasm, attracting sexual activity.

Diamonds provide a link between the intellect and the higher mind, bringing mental clarity while clearing emotional pain. Diamonds are known to reduce fear and add fortitude into your life. Diamond is a highly creative stone, stimulating imagination inventiveness.

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