ARYA Multistrand Aquamarine Cubes Necklace


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This delicate looking necklace sits comfortably around the neckline. These 5 strands of securely strung stones are nested together and measure 18". The pale aqua gemstones are small rectangles and are connected with a sterling silver S hook. A raw pink tourmaline dangles at the closure and adds a soothing color contrast to the cool blue tones.

Aquamarine is March's birthstone. It has long been associated with the seas. The Romans believed the stones were sacred to the god Neptune and were washed up on shore as gifts. In the middle ages, aquamarine was thought to magically overcome the effects of poison. The aquablue tones calmed men at sea. They often carried aquamarine to ward off the enemy. This is a protective stone. Excellent to travel with this stone, or wear it.
The Throat Chakra is related to this stone- increasing the clarity of communication. Aquamarine is the stone of courage as it alleviates fears, anxiety and restlessness. It combats depression. The deeper the stone color, higher the value. Aquamarine sharpens intuition and opens the mind as it clears blocked communication.

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