PRISHA Doublestrand Pearls and Rubies Tallisman Pendant Necklace


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This marvelous Tallisman is 32" long with an additional 3" including the ruby pendant. Silvery mocha fresh water pearls are hand knotted with deep garnet cord. The double strand of pearls holds a moving ruby chunk with an additional tassel created with sterling silver links and more rubies. The fluid teardrops accentuate the body of the ruby and the entire necklace.

Pearls are nurturing, and known as the stone if inner wisdom. The help us find our own inner confidence so we can be self guiding. They are also "stones" of purity and are demure in nature. They signify faith, charity and innocence. Pearls are a stone of sincerity, bringing truth to situtaions and lpoyalty to a cause.

Rubies encourage passion and zest for life. They encourage motivation and the setting of realistic goals. Laughter, joy and courage are also inspired by this rich stone. Aids in retaining passion and wealth

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