CLARICE Citrine + Pink Sapphire Drop Earrings


Shipping to United States: $7.00

These sweet muted yellow citrine gemstone drop earrings dangle delightfully from 18k gold ear wires. They hold a tiny pink sapphire faceted teardrop.
As they sway, they will light up your face as they hold the warm sunenergy which Citrine is known to do. The combination is light, airy and joyous.
These earrings measure approximately 3/4" from the tip of the earwire, to beneath the drop.

Citrines are known as one of November's birthstones. Citrine is a powerful cleanser and regenerator. Carrying the power of the sun, this is an intensely beneficial stone. It is warming, energizing and highly creative. Citrine activates the crown chakra, the solar plexus and navel chakras. It opens the intuition, and teaches one how to manifest and attract wealth and prosperity. This genuinely happy stone encourages harmony among all
Self esteem and self-confidence boosting, Citrine is a tremendous motivator as well as activiating the inner creativity you hold.

Pink sapphires help to enhance focus and concentration. This is a stone of peace and tranquility and spiritual truth. This stone honors the higher mind, bringing intuition and clarity to self. Sapphires are symbols of power, strength and kindness. Pink sapphire stimulates concentration, bringing lightness and joy.

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